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Wooden Design is Traditional and Can Be Innovative


Wood is our central focuses, but we would also look at the design perspectives. There are three factors that we would really like to see in your design. First is the project’s sustainability, any waste of wood during production. Second is this project practical which could be multifunctional, simple to use, and maybe an invention. Third, to look at the project, if it is a minimal and modern design.

Feedback is critical for us. If you want to submit your amazing project, please write in details about what types of wood did you use and how did you use them during the whole process.


Can’t Wait to Share Your Work


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    Our blog shares a sample interest: gathering the most creative and stylish wooden designs from the Internet and sharing with the Internet. We will ensure credit you, your work and anyone involved. We will state that we do not own any of your work if someone asks for services.


    *When submitting your project we recommend including a Dropbox or Google Drive link with at least 6 images 


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